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How to create a Common-Size Income Statement

what is a common size income statement

Cash flows from the firms investments, cash flows from daily operations, and flows from financing are the subdivisions of the cash flow statement. Common Size Analysis may also compare a company’s statements to those of a close competitor.

The three provide a summary of earning and expenses, of cash flows, and of assets and debts. Common-size financial statements present financial information in terms of percentages instead of dollar values. On a common-size statement, each line item is expressed as a percentage of a reference line item. Common-size financial statements are often referred to as vertical analysis, because they compare smaller financial accounts to the overall bottom line. Common size financial statements can be used to compare multiple companies at the same point in time. A common-size analysis is especially useful when comparing companies of different sizes.

How To Prepare a Common-Size Income Statement Analysis

This means that the cost of direct expenses and purchases have gone up. This suggests that the firm should try to find quality material at a lower cost and lower its direct expenses if possible. Vertical analysis is a method of financial statement analysis in which each line item is listed as a percentage of a base figure within the statement. On the debt and equity side of the balance sheet, however, there were a few percentage changes worth noting. In the prior year, the balance sheet reflected 55 percent debt and 45 percent equity. In the current year, that balance shifted to 60 percent debt and 40 percent equity. The firm did issue additional stock and showed an increase in retained earnings, both totaling a $10,000 increase in equity.

  • It allows an analyst to look at how the performance has changed over the period.
  • Common size balance sheets are similar to common size income statements.
  • Although almost half of Alice’s assets are restricted for a specific purpose, such as her 401 and Individual Retirement Account accounts, she still has significantly more liquidity and more liquid assets.
  • Common-size financial statements are related to a technique known as vertical analysis.
  • Paul Nolan has more than 20 years of experience writing about investing, assets and markets, business, taxes, retirement planning and accounts, and more.

Taken in isolation, it’s impossible to say whether or not this is good, bad or indifferent. On the balance sheet, each asset, liability, and net worth is shown as a percentage of total assets.

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The problem is that the cost of goods sold is a significant expense for both companies. Note that although we have compared just two years of data for Charlie and Clear Lake, it is more common to use several years of data to get a more robust view of long-term trends. Comparisons made over income statement time can demonstrate the effects of past decisions to better understand the significance of future decisions. Based in San Diego, Calif., Madison Garcia is a writer specializing in business topics. Garcia received her Master of Science in accountancy from San Diego State University.

  • Investors can use common-size income statements to more easily compare companies of different sizes.
  • Understand the ways in which it helps investors determine how a business is performing within its own industry.
  • Taken in isolation, it’s impossible to say whether or not this is good, bad or indifferent.

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